There are things in this world that some people just don't know. That's why some guy a long time ago created fun facts. Depending on who you are, they can be fun or they may not be, but I love to learn crazy things that most humans on earth tend not to know.

  • Almost every ant is a girl
  • Harry Houdini is not that mans real name
  • excactly 30% of the poplulation is left handed
  • there is a tribe of people in Africa that all have only 2 toes
  • the largest form of shark is the least deadly(whale shark)
  • elephants are the only animals that are not capable of jumping
  • in most advertisements for watches or clocks, they are stopped on 10:00.
  • there are more stars than grains of sand on earth
  • it's physically impossible to sneeze with your eyes open
  • the Ferris Wheel was named after it's inventor, William Ferris
  • the waffle cone was invented when an ice cream salesman ran out of bowls. There was a waffle salesman in another booth nearby. They wrapped a waffle into a cone and put the icecream ontop.
  • black rats are one of the cleanest animals, but they carry diseases that can easily kill humans
  • turtles can breathe through they're butt
  • Dr. Pepper was a real person
  • Piranhas can eat a live duck in 7 seconds (think about you)