This page needs no explaining.

  • Run around screaming
  • Do the first thing in Wal-Mart
  • have a conversation with a pillow
  • ask your parents,"are we there yet?" every three seconds. Even if you aren't in the car
  • jump up and down on an invisable pogo-stick
  • ask a potato for directions
  • put tape on a cat's back and watch what happens
  • go swimming with a hat on
  • read a book upsidedown
  • turn all of the furniture in the house the wrond way
  • do a puzzle in less than ten seconds
  • make a stop-motion video
  • tape yourself to a wall
  • put food coloring in your spaggheti
  • pretend to drive a dog
  • sing to a tree
  • go to a chinese resteraunt