Hello. I'm Gibie. The creator of this wiki. Every day or two I plan to answer a question that is posted in the comments. I'll answer your question as good as I can and as soon as possible. Do not get mad about how I answer the question. It is nothing against you. Thank you. Let's start.

4/21/2012- Today's question is...if you could pick between a fire flower and a super mushroom from the Mario franchise, wich would it be?

  • The answer to that question is that I would choose the fire flower becuz when you get a fire flower you can run and gun all through the level. Nothing personal to the super mushroom. Gibie

4/22/2012-Chili Dude asked "fish or snake or dog?" I'm going to change your question a bit and say that he said "What is the best pet?"

  • I say that you will find the best pet to be a dog. Sorry, cat lovers. Gibie

6/9/2012-If you could choose between a fourwheeler and a three-wheeler... which would you choose?

  • Attention peoples! Fourwheeler wins! Gibie