Klutz is a company that creates cool things and books for kids to read and do. They have been based in Palo Alto, California for a few years now. They originated in a garage. They then published a book called How To Juggle for the Complete Klutz. That is also how they got they're name. From then they have become a widely know company and are adored by many fans accross America. The founder of the company is John Cassidy along with a couple of his freinds who still mainly run the company today. You can find them onlin at their website, Klutz. They have a newsletter and plenty of toys, games, and videos for you to look at on their website if you stop by. The books that they made that I love the most are Encyclopedia of Immaturity Volumes 1 and 2. Recently they even made a do-it-yourself version of the two books. If you like having fun, laughing out loud (LOL), and looking at crazy ideas to try then the Klutz company is the right thing for you. Find them online today! (I know this whole thing sounded like a commercial...)