In for your latest news here is Gibie, the founder of the wiki. This weeks news may be the shortest one we ever have because this is the first day of our wiki. For further updates on this news. Check back daily. The news may or may not have anything to do with you or the things you like, but it is here whether you like it or not.

Hello new wiki!Edit

4/21/2012-This is the first day of the Super G and M wiki and we'd love for you to join this wiki if you haven't already. This wiki is about nothing in general, but about everything if you look through its various articles. Please check it out and make yourself at home. We would be glad to be your daily website!

Up To 12 Pages

Currently we are up to 12 pages. Join us and go to needed pages, so you can get started with editing. Hooray for 12 pages!!!


Hey guys it's Gibie. I haven't been working on the wiki enough to keep being the leader so I have passed it on to my apprentice, ChiliDude. I'll still be around, but I'm no longer the big man around here. Your new leader is ChiliDude.