Nyan Cat based on a Pop Tart made a hit after being put on the internet. At a convention in California an artist was asked to draw a cat. Then another fan asked him to draw a pop-tart. The following creation was the Nyan Cat (ni`ann cat). He later put together images of the same cat to make a short animation. He posted the animation on Youtube along with a song called NyNy. NyNy was a song by a Japanese pop singer and it sound like they are either saying NyNy or meowmeow. Most people believe it is saying meowmeow. The cat is always followed by a rainbow. No one truly knows where the rainbow came from or why its there. It was added after the Nyan Cat was created at the convention.There are multiple versions and edits of the original Nyan Cat video. On Flipnote Hatena there is also many Nyan Cat videos. The Nyan cat is an internet meme.