This is our mascot. Phil the Monkey.

Phil is a name we use for this monkey that is our current mascot. We do not intend to change mascots any time soon. He is a chimp and likes to smile. His day life is to be our mascot and his night life is as a spy. He will not tell you personally that he is a spy, but we know that he is. He is approximately 6 years of age and he is a boy. He came from a zoo. We plan to return him to the wild unless he takes on spying as a full time job

Spy Life

As a spy he works for the ASAP.(Animal Spy Awesomness Program) He looks a little bit different in his spy outfit. He is the head spy and we don't think he will try to go for the full time job. He likes it only for the night time.

Nobody move or the banana gets it

This is the most current image of him. He is in his spy suit.