Bulbasaur Edit

Bulbasaur is the first Pokemon ever that is why I am making him first on this page.Hooray for Bulbasaur. Lets talk about him.The bulb on his back is to attack enemies but soon will turn into a flower as he grows. As you can see he is green in spots and darker green in others. He also has red eyes. Ash Ketchum used to have a bulbasuar until he moved into another region. They are found in Kanto. If you are playing a Pokemon game then he is only a starter Pokemon.


Magikarp is a defensless Pokemon that is often stated to be the weakest of all Pokemon. They can be caught on a fishing rod or be battles when riding a Pokemon through the water. The have red scales all over they're body. When out of water they flail around until they die. They always crie, "Magikarp karp!" They say that over and over again. Team Rocket once used a giant submarine that was shaped like a Magikarp. Not many people have one in the series. They evolve into Garydos. Surprisingly.


Slowpoke doesn't need much if an explanation if you can see his name. He is a very slow Pokemon. He is pink and has a white belly. Some Slowpoke like water, but some don't know how to swim. Their span is 8 seconds. And it can sometimes take them a day to finally register pain inflicted. The can evolve into a Slowbro if a Shellder bites their tail while fishing, or they can evolve into a Slowking after finding a certain kind of gemstone. If they turn into Slowking they become very smart and able to speak.


Fearow is a large and mean flying bird Pokemon. They might remind you of hawks or maybe vultures in a way. They are often very large and bigger than their owner or trainer. They have a loud screeching noise that can only be recognized as a Fearow cry. They are actually quite mean and do not like to be petted or handled. They evolve from Spearow, its smaller version. They are only know to be seen in the Kanto region of the Pokemon region.