A chicken is a cool animal that is a bird. They are really fun. They can be trained if you do it just right. You can take their eggs or let them hatch. If you hatch them they will create a new generation of fun loving animals. Although I don't recommend it, you could even pluck and eat your chicken.

What You NeedEdit

  • chicken food
  • chicken coop
  • nests
  • baby chickens
  • warm lights

What You DoEdit

Once you've built your chicken coop (or bought one) you let your baby chickens in to explore. Make sure there is food and water around because baby chickens need lots of food and water. They can't grow without it. The warm light are also for growth. They need warmth because their bodies can't contain the heat. Slowly and over time they grow up, and you watch over them less and less. They will learn how to take care of themselves more. They will always depend on the food you feed them though. Eventually they will lay eggs and hatch them. This will complete the cycle and you'll have a new generation of chickens.